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ServiceNow Forum 2016, Londyn

A hive of activity with a plethora of content; the ServiceNow, London Forum was an exciting event and good way to engage with the SN community. Although short, this piece will provide a brief overview and access to the main points from the forum.

Big numbers, interesting presentations

With over 1800 attendees, 43 sponsor stands and almost 20 informative presentations; there was a lot to see, discuss and reflect upon during and following the ServiceNow 2016 London Forum; which was held at the impressive ExCeL Arena, on London’s Royal Victoria Dock. As you would expect, the event opened with an introduction from the SN team, who provided a brief insight into what could be expected over the day.

Although the informative sessions are a great way to get an overview of the direction of the platform and the benefits that come hand in hand with the development; the real advantage to those using the tool within their business, or to the companies delivering the services to these customers, comes in the form of the breakout sessions which covered a variety of topics.

As the sessions were running simultaneously, it was an impossibility to experience all the presentations live, however ServiceNow kindly provide those using the Community Site an opportunity to scrutinise all the presentation slides delivered that day during the breakout sessions. To view these follow this link.

With Steve Ormston and Michal Logwiniuk attending the forum from SPOC, they decided to break off and cover different sessions, feeding back the info at the end of the day, over what they thought was a well-deserved pint.

SPOC’s decision to make the short trip from Poznan to England’s Capital was the same as most people:

  • To get a an understanding on the direction changes that will come as a result of the new releases from ServiceNow
  • To network and engage with others working each day with the SN platform, learning and gaining perspective along the way.
  • To see what else SPOC can be doing to broaden our professional service offering to our customers.

Development is key, it’s risky in any area of life to rest on your laurels, especially in the technology world which likens a floating glacier, always changing form and direction. SPOC are committed to expanding our own knowledge for the benefit of our customers and events like this aid the growth of this curve, enabling us to see across the spectrum and helping us decide which areas we should be honing our skills.

For Steve & Michal, the real benefits of the SN platform to the modern Business come in the shape of Business related applications such as; HR, Customer Service or individual Business Processes. The platform can provide an unbelievably more efficient and effective way for a Business to deliver these services. In contrast to traditional solutions, this actually simplifies the business and the technologies used; streamlining services and cutting back on unnecessary programs and applications that stifle productivity and squash employee motivation, by adding additional processes and requirements to their already hectic schedules.

What SPOC have found working with our own customers, is that although it may seem challenging on the surface and overly complex brining these modern methods to the forefront, the reality is quite the opposite. With an efficient, agile approach, it’s rather a simple process to review the requirements of a business and create structured plans to implement the systems, which are then delivered with a series of short ‘sprints’ that allow functional releases of the overall implementation at each milestone.

To review the possibilities of bringing additional functionality to your ServiceNow solution, please contact us here, we will then organize a review of your existing processes and with you, we will prepare a plan that can catapult your productivity.


ServiceNow Forum 2016, Londyn