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London NowForum 2017 – the highlights

While attending the recent ServiceNow Forum in London, one could sense a high level of excitement amongst all those who are involved in ServiceNow engagements, irrelevant of their capacity. Those who attended and participated in the event included; Customers, Partners, 3rd Party Suppliers and ServiceNow Employees.

With ServiceNow’s new CEO John Donahoe taking a simple but effective approach to understanding where the company stands with the service its providing, it becomes clear the direction ServiceNow want to go in.

It appears that the Enterprise Management power house wants to strengthen their market position by better understanding their customers’ needs and acting on their recommendations. This seems like an obvious approach but perhaps not something that’s always on the mind of other companies.

When this strategy is linked to the advances in technology and the maturing and improving eco-system of skilled ServiceNow experts, it means people at each stage of their own journey, have goals to aspire to.

There are lots of new features and introductions to the ServiceNow offering that are getting substantial discussion time, both between C level Execs and the front line professionals, who are working with the platform on a daily basis. I’m enjoying the present situation but I also have a keen interest on what 2018 will hold for all those connected to the SN platform.

London NowForum 2017 - the highlights