Our experience

team of more than 20 consultants

provides implementation, maintenance, integration and development of solutions on the ServiceNow platform. What is more SPOC, partnering ServiceNow, gives accredited trainings in administration and configuration of the tool.

SPOC professional services for new ServiceNow users

What may seem like an end of the project for SPOC, is just the beginning of a long cooperation with the customer. We do not finish projects at the phase of implementation and trainings, following the implementation the customer can benefit from ongoing support at an agreed service level. This allows the customer to make changes and corrections as part of the first line support.
It is pleasing you are interested in one of the best tools dedicated to the management of services in companies.
ServiceNow is an open ecosystem, where organizations create their own solutions; it integrates the platform with external solutions using its ready-made functionalities.
• audits of management systems
• process modelling
• development of services directory
• creation of processes and services indicators
• system implementation projects
• trainings and tool workshops


professional approach

to the customer

experienced experts

accredited trainers

quick operation

mobility of the project team

comprehensive training

for employees and administrators

one of the main

partners in CEE region

support and audit

of business processes

organization of workshops

and project approach

unique know-how

cooperation team of certified experts


Creating solutions that support key processes for service management, ServiceNow becomes an essential tool. The code created on the platform should be free from any defects and errors, in order to ensure continuity of work. Errors always appear but they should be detected, controlled and eliminated.
We manage quality by

monitoring the number

of defects at the stage of development

managing the quality

of all products

controlling the number

of defects at the production stage

regularly discussing

recorded defects during project inspections

SPOC provides services for ServiceNow customers who started operating the platform alone or who are looking for an experienced alternative provider. Based on the experience gained during many international developments, SPOC experts are able to support the customer in building new solutions, improving and optimizing existing processes, while also implementing subsequent modules of the platform.
There are many reasons for changing or choosing additional provides: from working with a partner closer to the office where the system is managed, to seeking specific experiences, or simply wanting to optimize maintenance costs. SPOC have completed complex and successful implementations and have a number of testimonials from satisfied customers. Could we do the same for you?

Scope and forms of cooperation

• dedicated services for the development and maintenance of the system, based on “time & material” or “fixed-price” models
• implementation of specific projects for the development of the system and custom applications
• creating mobile applications based on customer expectations
• long-term service agreement for the maintenance of the system with SLA terms
• outsourcing od specialists and IT experts to project works at the customer’s premises
• mediations in dealing with the ServiceNow supporter


professional approach

to the customer

sharing knowledge

through experience from projects

flexible forms

of cooperation

adjusting the design

methodology to the needs of the customer

one of the main

partners in Central and Eastern Europe

optimization and audit

of business processes

cooperation with

a team of certified experts

access to

unique know-how

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