5 Reasons why Employees Enjoy Working at SPOC

Company News5 Reasons why Employees Enjoy Working at SPOC
Recently we’ve been recording our employees in a series of videos. The goal was to find out more about them as individuals, what makes them tick and understand why they joined SPOC. The results were very surprising.

It’s been an interesting experience to find out more about them. The range of people employed at SPOC is incredible. They come from many walks of life and have such varied skills and characteristics.

Some members of the team have transitioned into the IT industry from other fields. Others have followed their passion for IT from childhood to the present day, constantly upgrading their skills and abilities.

We Knew but we Weren’t Aware

Prior to this experience, we knew that we had a diverse team but not quite so aware of the spectrum. Each interview reinforced this point again and again.

As an employer, we’ve never judged people solely based on their past. We look to try to take a more holistic view –

  1. What skills do people have?
  2. How motivated are they for change?
  3. Are they prepared to learn?

If people match the points we’re looking at,  we will also assess whether they have the individual values that match the company’s.

Values of SPOC ServiceNow Experts Since 2010

Reviewing the values helps to match the right personality to the available roles.

The conclusion we took from the conversations was that the approach has worked, we have a great team!  

SPOC ServiceNow Experts Since 2010 Team Image

Why Join SPOC?

Here’s a  list of 5 reasons mentioned again and again by the people we interviewed:

  1. The Atmosphere

Not the air they’re breathing, the general feeling that’s contributed to by everyone who works at SPOC. According to the majority of people we spoke to, the environment is friendly and professional but certainly not stuffy!

People feel relaxed, expressing themselves in their natural light. We all look and think differently therefore, people are given the opportunity to present themselves in a natural way.

SPOC ServiceNow Experts 2010 Enjoying Breakfast Together

  1. Possibilities & Opportunities for Growth

Each member of the team receives a budget to complete training, meaning they have more control over personal development. Many said that this is of great value as they don’t need to focus only on mandatory trainings.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose additional learning, in areas important to them. This could be soft skills, leadership courses or new technologies. Pairing this additional training with the compulsory set of standard ServiceNow and process training, the employees feel they have the capacity to become better versions of themselves.

  1. Great Team

The whole is greater than the sum of all its parts. We’ve mentioned this before but it’s so true. If a group of individuals are working towards a common goal, the synergy and energy this brings is fantastic to experience.

This is the feeling people have working with their colleagues at SPOC. People get on as colleagues but they’re also often spending time, by choice with each other outside of work. There are many shared interests and approaches to life and people feel great in this surrounding.

SPOC ServiceNow Experts Enjoying Each Othersss Company

  1. Interesting Projects & Tasks

If someone feels stimulated, challenged and valued within their job, they’re more likely to have a better feeling of the working environment.

That’s easier to provide at SPOC than many other establishments, as we’re partnering fantastic customers; executing interesting and appealing projects on the ServiceNow platform. This is a valuable mix and it was a common theme from the interviews why people enjoy their work.

  1. The Support

No one knows everything and we all need support and guidance at some certain stages. This is obvious for people starting their work careers but it’s also just as valid for more experienced professionals.

The employees we spoke to really appreciate the supportive ambience woven into each team and the company as a whole.

SPOC ServiceNow Experts Helping Each Other

Each person feels they can reach out to get help from a colleague, knowing that this process is reciprocal and that they will be the ones providing guidance in the future.

See for Yourself

Shortly we will upload some of the video content so you can meet some member of this great team and hear what they have to say. To stay updated with our content, follow us on Linkedin.

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