Are you falling behind? Time to measure your Digital Maturity ?[VOD]

Do you deal with:

? a lack of control over different departments that have different levels of digitization?

? manual reporting, fragmented data provided by phone calls, emails, forms?

? unstructured work and non-digitized processes that consequently generate costs?

About the webinar

The digitization process is complex and should proceed evenly throughout the organization. By measuring this process you know how to plan the development of the company for years to come. During the meeting, our experts will explain how to measure technology maturity in a company. They will share their experience and examples of real cases.

We will explore the possibilities of Digital Maturity Assessment in ServiceNow and show real examples of the assessment results. Get to a higher level of professional planning with SPOC and our experts ?

What you’ll learn at the webinar:

  • How to drive changes in a professional way – no more playing the role of „the orchestrator of chaos”.
  • How to effectively reduce silos and streamline processes with the tools you already have.
  • How to understand differences between your company departments so that you can even them out.
  • How to plan for equal technological and digital growth in your organization.

Our Experts

Adam Bernaś

Chief Product Officer, CMA

Adam is a Certified Master Architect and has more than 15 years of professional experience in the IT industry. For the last 10+ years focused exclusively on ServiceNow and building SPOC story from day nr 1. Involved in numerous ServiceNow projects. Recently his main focus is placed on providing overall guidance of our Customer’s strategic designs in the way expected business outcomes are delivered.

Jan Chełkowski

ServiceNow Solution Consultant

Jan as a member of the Consulting Team is responsible for supporting companies in the area of digital transformation, business processes and ITSM. He pays special attention to the human-centric approach in creating IT solutions. He believes that good technology is one that gives people the tools to do what they are best at. In his work, he successfully combines technological knowledge with business experience.