CMDB – one base to rule them all! [VOD]

Do you know how CMDB affects your whole company? There’ll be no secrets after this webinar!

Our top experts will show you a business case that proves the importance of a healthy CMDB.

About the webinar

The Configuration Management Database has been a hot ServiceNow topic for years and for years we’ve been building our expertise in the area. Safe to say, our experts know CMDB like the back of their hands. In this webinar  they’ll discuss everything you wanted to know and give you a specific business case, showing how CMDB influences the whole organisation.

Did you know that CMDB is crucial for your ServiceNow Platform – not only from technological, but also business perspective? Take part in the webinar and learn:

  • how CMDB influences the whole organisation and KPIs of different departments
  • how Common Service Data Model keeps Service Owners up-to-date
  • what are the best practices for CMDB implementation and maintenance to ensure your business

Our Experts

Adam Bernaś

Chief Product Officer, CMA

Adam is a Certified Master Architect and has more than 15 years of professional experience in IT industry. For the last 10+ years focused exclusively on ServiceNow and building SPOC story from the day nr 1. Involved in numerous ServiceNow projects. Recently his main focus is placed on providing overall guidance of our Customer’s strategic designs in the way expected business outcomes are delivered.

Mirosław Medoń

Chief Technology Officer

Mirosław has been a system engineer and consultant for over 15 years. For the last 12 years he’s worked as the key ServiceNow consultant and architect at SPOC, implementing and developing ServiceNow instances for the biggest corporations.