Service Portal UX traps [VOD]

3 ways to improve your ServiceNow Platform usability.

’We have a great tool – people just don’t use it.’ Doesn’t it sound familiar? Join the webinar and learn how to solve the most common UX difficulties of using ServiceNow platform.

About the webinar

„I use the portal because I have to, not because I want to” – do you think so about your platform? Have you heard that from your employees? It’s time to change that. In our webinar, you will learn how UX/UI affects the usability of the platform.

What we’ll talk about:

  • how to simplify the ticketing process to make it as smooth as online shopping
  • communication with users – how to keep it human-to-human
  • generic interface vs personalisation – how to make Service Portal feel like home?

Our Experts

Jacek Witek

UX/UI Designer

Sylwester Jassa

Presales Manager and Solutions Consultant

Let’s make your service Portal user-friendly