Unlimited possibilities of Predictive Intelligence and AI [VOD]

Discover the possibilities of ServiceNow AI in our business case.

Start your journey with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Find out how the future is predicted with ServiceNow.

About the webinar

Global spending on AI solutions by businesses in 2022 has increased by 19,6% and 86% of organizations that have introduced AI solutions report improving customer experience. Why do they invest in these solutions? It’s time to examine this trend and the reasons driving this investment.

Predictive Intelligence is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that works hand in hand with your employees to accurately automate repetitive decisions, provide relevant contextual content, and uncover hidden insights in real time. Along with ServiceNow Virtual Agent and ServiceNow Performance Analytics, it’s part of Now Intelligence — a native set of AI and analytics capabilities on the Now Platform.

Watch practical examples and go through the process on our platform. You will learn how to:

  • calculate capacity for your organisation, based on past data,
  • plan your budget effectively by anticipating various possibilities,
  • anticipate and manage risks, such as staff shortages, using data,
  • automate repetitive decisions and provide relevant contextual content, using AI.

What’s more, in the end there will be a unique chance to pick our experts’ brains during the Q&A session.

Our Experts

Adam Goździewski

ServiceNow Developer & Consultant

Previously a student of mathematics. I am fascinated by physics, data analysis and artificial intelligence and how they can be implemented into daily business. I am a co-developer of AI projects.

Axel Starosta

ServiceNow Developer

As a support team member, I use Artificial Intelligence to improve day-to-day work constantly. Co-developer of AI project exploring the possibilities and prerequisites of Predictive Intelligence and Virtual Agent.

The future is NOW… ServiceNow.