ABSL Conference 2018 – Summary

Company NewsABSL Conference 2018 – Summary

On 07th & 08th June 2018, the 9th annual ABSL Conference was held in Poznan. This summary gives a short overview of the conference from the perspective of SPOC, and how ServiceNow could bring a lot to the Shared Service Industry.

About ABSL & The Conference

Overall ABSL’s aim is to provide opportunities for interaction and an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and knowledge between key influencers in Business and Politics. Members include many of the leading brands from around the globe, who now have a form of Service Centre in Poland.

The Conference brought together approximately 1000 Business Professionals who came from a wide variety of companies, from a number of different industries. (Offical Summary)

The state of the of Service Centre market in Poland is very healthy and it’s one which is strengthening. ABSL’s latest figures show that the number of people employed in Poland’s Service Centres has increased by 30% over the last two years, to approx. 280,000 people. It’s predicted to increase further by 2020 to 340k. (Read the full annual report from ABSL here, which includes a very detailed look at the market)

This is good news for individuals located in Poland who have an interest in supporting Global Organisations with their Business Processes. It means that many roles are opening up across an assortment of industries, supporting the crucial Business Processes that keep the Businesses functioning effectively.

SPOC’s Attendance

SPOC was at the ABSL conference as one of the partnering exhibitors, sharing knowledge and experience of ServiceNow and Business Solutions for Shared Services with attendees.

People, Processes & Technology link As with all Businesses, the effectiveness of Shared Services can be traced back to the relationship between – People, Processes & the supporting Technology.

SPOC was at the ABSL event to provide input to interested parties on the role ServiceNow has in this Technology function.

If you strip ServiceNow back and look at the most important features, users benefit from a platform that enables communication, collaboration and connectivity between service providers and requestors.

The solution sits on an infrastructure which includes one system of record for all data, assets, configuration items, etc contained within. This means all the departments within an organisation can leverage this data for their functions.

Together this provides a solution for driving work through an enterprise, something which is done with workflows, and automation.

ServiceNow Platform Main Features

As a rough guess, only 50% of those who interacted with SPOC at the event were aware of ServiceNow, even less had a thorough understanding of the platform.

Popular questions at the conference included –

  • Can ServiceNow be used for this process?
  • We are using ServiceNow, can we also benefit from it in this area?
  • Can ServiceNow integrate with this system?

The team were met with surprise and smiles when they responded to each of these questions

Yes, ServiceNow can do this

ServiceNow has just been listed as the ‘Most Innovative Company 2018’ by Forbes. The platform really is changing the way in which work in the Enterprise gets done.

SPOC feels that the Shared Service Market could be one of the biggest beneficiaries, once the market understands the possibilities and capabilities that are on offer.


With SPOC being so well placed within Poland and the Shared Service Centre market, we are happy to be part of this process and are looking forward to supporting the companies who see the benefits on offer with the ServiceNow platform.

We are aware that for those who attended or aren’t too familiar with the functions of ServiceNow, there will be many open questions which need answering. To help with this, SPOC’s team will soon be running a series of webinars and Q&A sessions, aimed at answering some of these points.

In the meantime, if you have any topics which you would like to discuss with the team now, please get in touch.

Who Are SPOC?

As an accredited ServiceNow Partner who has been working with the platform since 2010, SPOC is able to assist clients with a full range of services relating to the implementation of the ServiceNow platform, or improvements to existing solutions that have previously been delivered by other companies.

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