CEO – Marcin Tyburski’s Knowledge 19 Overview

Company NewsCEO – Marcin Tyburski’s Knowledge 19 Overview

SPOC’s CEO, Marcin Tyburski, is a veteran of the ServiceNow Knowledge events. The 2019 edition marked his 8th attendance. I caught up with Marcin to get his thoughts about this year’s event and his perspective on the possible future of ServiceNow’s Knowledge.

What was your Impression of Knowledge 2019?

The Expo area is getting bigger and bigger each year. Of course, inevitable with the increasing audience size. This year marked another milestone for ServiceNow, as numbers tipped the scales at 20,000. According to sources at the event, 50 – 60% of these people were new to the Now Platform too.

ServiceNow offers numerous sessions for those attending. This year was no different. There were around 600 options for people to choose from. You are spoiled for choice, but, it becomes a challenge trying to structure your agenda!

Of course, many sessions are aimed at different business streams, but the technical level stays quite consistent across most of the standard breakout sessions. It would be good to see this change. One could make the argument that ServiceNow needs to look to split the event into different experience levels.

It wouldn’t surprise me if it breaks into smaller, more focused meetings too. Each covering the specific areas of the Now Platform – ITSM, HR, Security Operations, Customer Service & Platform Applications.

Now Platform Solution Overview

This makes sense for many reasons. Especially, as Business leaders could be interested in learning about several of the areas in-depth. Something currently difficult to achieve because the sessions overlap.

Biggest Change from Previous Knowledge Events?

It’s fascinating to see the event evolve. In the last two years, we’ve seen a much bigger effort to focus on ‘experiences‘. This year’s Expo Hall had a huge area dedicated to Customer Success.

ServiceNow Customer Success Centre

ServiceNow POPIT Approach to Business Change

Wisely, ServiceNow doesn’t focus all their efforts on sharing information about Technology. They see the importance of creating specific road-maps to be used as templates to assist customer success.

ServiceNow seems to have embraced the Business Change approach. As such, there is a clear focus on People and Processes, as well as Technology.

This is critical, I’ve seen it with our customers, and in our own work. Pairing innovative technology with experience, and knowledge of service delivery is a powerful combination.

What Else Stood out for you?

Apart from the platform and technology updates, the overall message from ServiceNow relates to ‘experiences’, as referenced already. Each person or persona, within a business process, will interact and consume a service differently. Consequently, the approach of ‘one size fits all‘ has disappeared. As a result, we must deliver experiences tailored to suit the specific needs of individual users, or at least groups.

ServiceNow Platform Experience OverviewConsider someone making a request for a service. They will often need to do this when they are on the move, therefore, a simple mobile application will be more useful than a complex list of modules, condensed together in the back-end ServiceNow interface. Conversely, Agents providing multi-process support, benefit from having everything condensed together, as seen with the new Agent Work Space.

Were Many Partners at Knowledge 19?

Yes, as in previous years, there were many ServiceNow delivery and sales partners present. Moreover, this year it also appeared as if there were more Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners, offering domain-specific applications. Applications ranged from Hospital Experiences to DevOps solutions and on-boarding applications, a little similar to the one SPOC completed with Alexander Mann Solutions. The platform is continuously growing, creating opportunities in many areas. Especially as ServiceNow’s strength, is the ability to integrate and connect various solutions.

Anything that Surprised you?

From the conversations I heard and took part in, I was a little surprised how much interest there is with Security Operations. The solution from ServiceNow allows Security departments to centralise and manage – security incidents, vulnerabilities, threats, etc. It is increasingly popular. The ability to get a birdseye view and drive workflows from the Now Platform being the reason.  It means ServiceNow isn’t always replacing other systems, it’s complementing other tools and providing even greater value.

Has the Event Changed your Approach to SPOC’s Future?

Not really. We’ve been building custom applications, workflows, and processes for years. Of course, we will still support customers with the standard applications, but I’m excited about the value we will be able to provide with future solutions using the expanding features available OOTB. It isn’t a change of approach, we just have extra tools for our toolkit.

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