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Being an experienced ServiceNow developer is a position of pride for Igor. He has experienced work outside the realm of the Now Platform, working as a Full-stack Developer. Therefore, he can compare the different worlds and has kindly shared with the main differences between the two.

Igor, for those who don’t know, what does it mean to be a ‘Full-Stack Developer’?

This role will differ from one organisation to the next, but overall, it means being involved across the 3 development areas:

  1. Databases
  2. Server Scripts & Backend Logic
  3. Frontend Development & User Interfaces

As a full stack developer, you can expect to work with a number of different projects. As you will touch the three main streams listed above, it’s important you have a strong foundation of knowledge across each area. However, as the scope of work is so broad, you generally won’t have the chance to master any of the individual areas.

What are the main differences you see between your previous work and your current role?

I enjoyed being a full stack developer. The work was interesting and the diverse tasks meant that I was always learning and excelling. The downside was that I didn’t get an understanding of the bigger picture of the business. The work I was doing had a narrow field of focus, without visibility and awareness on the impact in other areas.

This differs quite significantly from the work I do with ServiceNow. Firstly ServiceNow is a platform which is frequently used by many different areas of an organisation. The main areas including ITSM, HR Service Management, Security etc…

Now Platform Solution Overview - ServiceNow

This means as a developer, my work touches many different stakeholders. As such, I’ve gained increasing knowledge of processes and department specific requirements and KPIs.

What skills have you developed since changing roles?

Although I was previously familiar with working with JavaScript and HTML. I’m now occupied with them day in and day out – using them to create a variety of solutions. This means my skill and knowledge has increased dramatically.

That said, the area I’ve seen the biggest improvement is with my soft skills. As my experience increased, I became more involved in the Business aspect of the project. First participating in technical workshops, later acting as a technical lead in projects.

The experience has improved my interpersonal skills. I developed my confidence and my general ability to communicate. Coming to work with SPOC and ServiceNow transformed my personality. I now have a more well-rounded set of technical and professional skills.

What would surprise someone coming to start a ServiceNow role?

As I was, if you are employed as a full stack developer and move to work with ServiceNow, you may think it would look completely different. Surprisingly, there are still many similarities.

With the Now Platform, you have a mini full stack environment. ServiceNow has its own common database. You’re also working a lot with server scripts and back-end logic to produce the solutions. The difference being, this is a unified language, which is JavaScript. In contrast, being a full stack dev, you have to deal with a number of different frameworks and external libraries.
In addition, ServiceNow has its own front-end. The Service Portal is most commonly used to provide services to customers and internal end users.

ServiceNow Front End - Service Portal Customer Examples

Who do you think would suit a role as a Senior ServiceNow Developer?

I believe that if someone has the desire to improve and expand their skills, ServiceNow is an ideal switch. You get the chance to meet and work with a large spectrum of stakeholders, from many backgrounds and areas of specialisation. You have the chance to develop and progress professionally by expanding all your skills.

ServiceNow is increasingly becoming a strategic system of choice for thousands of organisations. This means there is a demand for experts and the range of available roles is very high. This is important for me too.

If you’re unsure about the technology itself, you can easily trial the ServiceNow platform. I would recommend people take a look at ServiceNow Dev Site. This sandbox environment provides people with a fully working test environment to check out the platform. It’s a great way to see what’s on offer.

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