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A bold title; ‘Future of Work’ was given to ServiceNow’s recent series of events, one of which was held in Warsaw on the 13th June 2018.

As the event name suggests, the way that work is delivered is changing and ServiceNow is playing a pivotal role in this change.

The term “Digital Transformation” has been linked to almost all organisations that were established pre-2000.

The likes of Netflix, Uber, Lyft, Amazon, etc have raised the bar and set the standards in User Experience. Now there is a need for companies to catch up and provide similar user experiences to their employees’.

The Future of Work event brought together Customers, Partners and Key People from inside ServiceNow to share knowledge, experience and visions for the future.

SPOC was at the event to learn, share and engage with everyone in attendance. To absorb information coming from the different streams and sessions, SPOC sent a mixed team of Technical and Business people.

SPOC’s Future of Work Summary  – Personal Opinions

Zherald Ametlli – SPOC’s Lead Tester & Security Expert

Zherald Ametlli – SPOC’s Lead Tester & Security Expert was delighted to attend and shared the following thoughts from his visit to Warsaw –

“What was very impressive, was meeting partners of ServiceNow. Not something I expected from the event. Listening to skilled, smart people and getting to learn from their experiences was amazing. Everyone in the room was there for the same purpose, to help customers and create great products and solutions.

There was a focus on the future – Using AI, Machine Learning and Automation. For me, the categorization, prioritization, and automation of processes can’t be better than with ServiceNow.

The Presentation relating to ITOM had a wow effect. Seeing how fast, easy and effectively you can manage a complex network and prioritize incidents, getting predictions and creating remediation plans, left me speechless.

At midday our CEO Marcin Tyburski with Katarzyna Orantek from ING Tech Poland gave a very nice presentation about a project implemented 3 years ago, looking at it from today’s perspective. It was good because they covered the lesson learned and how we could improve the product, timelines, capacity, etc.”


Szymon Mikołajczak – ServiceNow Consultant Szymon Mikołajczak - ServiceNow Consultant

“As always, the conference was a good opportunity to meet some friends from ServiceNow and to make new friends among Partners and Customers. In my opinion, the most interesting part was a presentation by Chris Pope, VP of Innovation. The session was about how SN can modernize a client’s company and how CSM can impact that modernization”


Linda Dekhinet an Account Manager  

“This event made a huge impression on me due to the very good presentations that were made by ServiceNow and partners. I spoke with current clients from Allegro and British Council, they were also really impressed with the event.”



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