Future of Work in Zurich June 2019 – Event Summary

Company NewsFuture of Work in Zurich June 2019 – Event Summary

ServiceNow’s Future of Work Event in Zurich on the 04th June was part of a world tour, looking at the trends in technology and experiences altering the world of work.

New and emerging technology is changing the experiences we encounter in our private life and is transcending the norms typically associated with our working environment. These changes have the potential to bolster customer satisfaction, increase productivity and efficiency, on all levels.

A small team from SPOC were in Zurich at the Stage One Centre to participate in the event. This article highlights the team’s overall impression, The information was kindly provided by Anna Cwalina & Kamil Gumienny.

SPOC's Team at the ServiceNow Future of Work Event Zurich June 2019

Anna & Kamil, Account Managers at SPOC were really satisfied with their visits

  • Anna:

“In general, the event was very well organised, providing a balanced mixture of practical sessions, networking, and lectures.
It was a great opportunity to meet people from a variety of backgrounds. I spoke in-depth with partners, current customers and those considering a switch to the Now Platform.

I like to consider ServiceNow as an Eco-System. Of course, some companies are our ‘competitors’ but actually, it’s important we all contribute to a healthy environment of best practices, mutual understanding, and highly skilled professionals.

From speaking with Customers and those gravitating to ServiceNow – I saw that the main expectation is getting support from people who have knowledge of the platform. People want to know how and when to introduce certain modules and applications. They need scenario-based advice, given to match the specific challenges they’re facing. A road-map for improvement and a success plan helps companies to uncover the real value of the Now Platform.

This is the main aim of SPOC’s Sales and Pre-Sales department. It’s not about selling, but creating solutions to help customers achieve their objectives.”

Anna and Kamil gained useful information and knowledge from the lectures and workshops.

  • Kamil:

“It was extremely useful to get an overview of the new enhancements and technologies available in the current release (Madrid) and those expected in Orlando and New York, the future releases.

Machine learning and specific modules, such as Virtual Agent and Agent Intelligence are really improving the efficiency of dealing with customer’s issues.”

Agent Intelligence

Agent intelligence enables form values to be automatically populated during ticket creation and allows for automatic categorisation and routing of work – both based on previous record handling experience.

ServiceNow's Agent Intelligence - A Highlight for SPOC at the Future of Work Event

Virtual Agent

Used to assist users with common issues or self-service tasks. The predefined topics triggered automatically based on the conversations initiated by the users.

ServiceNow's Virtual Agent - A highlight of SPOC on the Future of Work Event in Zurich

  • Anna very much liked that the sessions held throughout the day as they provided useful examples of the solutions.

“The workshops I attended on Customer Service Management and Security Operations, were very practical. They gave real-life demonstrations of the system in action. It was helpful for me but also for the customers who were present. They could see specifically how we can use the Now Platform to create great experiences for different types of users.”

2 Years & Counting

SPOC attended Future of Work event for the 2nd year running and definitely saw improved participation, comparing to last year’s edition.

Businesses must embrace the changes we see to manage them effectively and bring holistic improvement. In summary, the feeling from the team who were in Zurich was that ServiceNow is definitely helping with Change Management in this area.

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