Knowledge 2019 Event – A Technical Update

Company NewsKnowledge 2019 Event – A Technical Update

Another May – Another ServiceNow Knowledge Event

ServiceNow’s Knowledge, is the flagship event of the year. People from around the world come together for an intensive 3 days, which includes over 600 different sessions. These cover:

  • Training / Customer Success Stories / Creator Con (Hackathon) / Partner Summit / Networking & KNOWLEDGE

20,000 people made their way to the bright and vibrant City of Las Vegas for an actioned packed trip. A handful of the crowd was from SPOC. A small number of the team made the journey to Knowledge 2019, an event we were attending for the 8th time.

Our CEO, Marcin Tyburski, has seen the event evolve over the years to the spectacle it is today. His enthusiasm has not wavered as he really sees value in attending. Read his overview of the K19 experience here. 

It’s not only Marcin who had a positive feeling towards this year’s event. Other members of SPOC’s team also had a productive and enjoyable time in the entertainment capital. SPOC wasn’t exhibiting this year but our Subject Matter Experts and the Head of Maintenance & Development, were there to take in the most recent updates.

I caught up with them to understand the main ServiceNow highlights

Milena, the Head of M&D, was focused on the updates relating to IT Operations Management and ITSM. For her, one of the main improvements is the new Agent Workspace. This improved User Interface (UI) offers a central point for Agents to manage their work. The feature offers convenience, and due to the use of React and Bootstrap 4, the application is intuitive and very attractive.ServiceNow Agent Workspace Navigation

ServiceNow Agent Workspace Navigation Explained

The team said that a lot of the discussions during K19 were based on future updates and the road map for ServiceNow’s improvements. I’ve summarised their main thoughts below.

Following ServiceNow’s standard release cadence, users can expect to see the New York edition this year, followed by Orlando in Q1 of 2020. In future versions, we will see additions and improvements to a number of applications, which are changing the way we work.

  • These include; Virtual Agent, Flow Designer and Mobile Applications.

Virtual Agent 

Using Natural Language, and even voice-activated commands triggered through Siri, Alexa, or Watson – users can make complex requests that are processed automatically. For example, ‘Give me a report of Incidents with priority one raised in Las Vegas’ The Virtual Agent application is able to process this request and provide the report within a matter of seconds. Using the application means you can spend your time analysing and understanding the root cause of issues, instead of creating the actual reports.

Flow Designer

In the same way ServiceNow  introduced the Service Portal to take over from the legacy CMS solution, the Flow Designer will replace the legacy workflow module. Originally, when the flow designer was introduced, many of the functions were limited. With the latest release, we can expect the flexibility and value to surpass its older cousin.ServiceNow Flow Designer Example

As the Flow Designer supports no code and pro code approaches, its features offer value to a broader range of contributors.
Some of the recent changes include:

  • Actions being triggered by the user, not the system.

Previously with workflow, it was possible for an action to initiate a series of tasks in the system. Of course, this is very useful and will remain, but, it will also be possible to define the user who triggers the actions. This then limits the changes that can be executed to align to the role and responsibilities of that user. This brings an added layer of security to the platform.

  •  Process flows to run in parallel.

A big change for increasing the efficiency of work. The pairing with Integration Hub also expands the opportunities to connect with external systems. This is extremely powerful, as it helps manage processes that run across multiple systems.


As referenced in a recent Blog Article – Native Mobile Apps for ServiceNow – the Madrid release brought the first edition of native mobile application development to the Now Platform. Future releases will bring new features, offering greater experiences for different users who offer, and also consume services.

Other Highlights

The chance to speak and learn from the experienced developers, who are actually responsible for creating the fantastic Now Platform. These guys are at the cutting edge of innovation and are recreating the way we interact and action our work.
The team told me it was fascinating to get a sneak peek and insight into the future of the platform, especially with the use of certain programming languages and frameworks. The use of React with ServiceNow is interesting but it will also help to understand when, and how we will be able to modify the elements of the platform using React.

Overall the team had a fantastic trip. The knowledge, inspiration and value it offers were well received. Vegas is a unique place and isn’t for everyone but the Knowledge attractions are always worth the journey.

Next year, for K20 – we will see you in Orlando!

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