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Save Money & Frustration Using the PDF Generator on the NowPlatform

ServiceNow PDF Generator By SPOC

Many of us use certain documents and contracts all the time. Consequently, we must alter them slightly to update things such as –

  • The Date
  • The Client’s Name
  • An Employee’s Personal Details
  • The Location of a Contract

The list goes on…

This can be frustrating but it usually doesn’t take long. However, if you’re doing this on a frequent basis, the time will quickly add up. Multiply this by the hundreds or thousands of your colleagues making similar changes you start to appreciate the value of automating this process.

To overcome the frustration, SPOC created an application that automatically generates PDFs from pre-configured templates. The templates are prepared from various file sources. The information which will be different within the final PDF is easily controlled and updated in ServiceNow.

An example is a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

The information contained in each NDA is very consistent. Therefore, you would usually go into a word file, make the changes, save this as a new document and create an e-mail adding the document as an attachment…

Alternatively – Once the client-specific information has been added in ServiceNow, a PDF can be rendered and automatically sent with the click of a button.

The small things add up to bring significant changes. Use your ServiceNow Platform to increase ROI and revolutionise User Experience.

The NowPlatform offers endless possibilities and could make a real difference to your organisation. The PDF Generator for ServiceNow is a great example, do you think it could benefit your organisation?

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