Head of Service Delivery – Dominik Kraśniewski shares PM-PIADA Experience

Company NewsHead of Service Delivery – Dominik Kraśniewski shares PM-PIADA Experience

SPOC’s Project Management Team Attended the PMPIADA Event November 13-14th  2018

The event is a unique project management conference because it combines – knowledge, rivalry and, starting from this year, gaming!

The 2018 edition was special for SPOC, as Adam Niewęgłowski  (one of our project managers) was taking part in the speaker’s competition on day 1. This covers different aspects of the PMBOK, the best practices of Project Management.

To support Adam, all SPOC’s PMs decided to attend the conference.  Adam won the 3rd place award (based on judges votes) for his speech about Quality Management. Congratulations on again Adam! (A short interview with Adam will be available here soon)

PMPIADA - Adam Niewęgłowski Celebrating his medal

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For the first time, the PMPIADA was a two-day conference. As a result, the second day was dedicated to simulation games. These covered different aspects and techniques applicable within Project Management. Therefore there was something for the whole team.

For Instance: the Raven13 game, you and your team become rescuers in an underwater scientific lab.

You split roles within the team, make a plan and try to execute it in order to save as many people as you can… It brilliantly points out the potential difficulties with; work organisation, communication and accountability areas. All of these can be easily mapped into real projects. It’s a true mind-opening exercise!

SPOC's ServiceNow Project Management Team

The cherry on the top was that SPOC’s team won almost all of the prizes. Including tickets to the PMI conference in Warsaw, vouchers for training and books.

Our Return on Investment was definitely high and the event was well worth attending!

 Title Image Source:  https://kamil.egnyte.com/fl/wab6wH6F9L#folder-link/?p

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