ServiceNow Go-Live with Bibby Financial Services

Company NewsServiceNow Go-Live with Bibby Financial Services

A big part of work at SPOC is implementing ServiceNow for clients. This sometimes involves introducing the platform for the first time. In contrast, it may mean developing and enhancing an existing solution.

That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with Bibby Financial Services over a number of months with the ITSM Improvements Project. Recently we had their ServiceNow Go-Live.

ServiceNow Go-Live With Bibby Financial Services

About Bibby Financial Services

Bibby Financial Services (BFS) is a leading independent financial services partner to over 10,000 businesses worldwide.

With over 40 operations in 14 countries spanning Asia, Europe and North America, BFS provides specialist and adaptable FX services, trade, asset and working capital finance, helping businesses to grow in domestic and international markets.

Formed in 1982, BFS is part of the Bibby Line Group (BLG), a diverse and forward-looking family business delivering personal, responsive and flexible customer solutions for over 200 years.

To find out more about Bibby Financial Services, visit: www.bibbyfinancialservices.com.

The Project

A small internal project team at BFS and a  similar sized team at SPOC created a significant amount of changes in ServiceNow.

Like all projects, there were challenges.  Improving the existing implementation was tricky when visibility into existing solutions and functionality wasn’t available.

In this case, it required all of the project team to work in unison, with clear communication throughout the development and how it worked.

BFS wanted to make many efficiencies. Hence they requested improvements from SPOC that would allow them to provide better services to users and automate IT processes. This was prevalent with the processes for; New Starters, Movers and Leavers. Many of which, required extensive development from the project team.

The end result was very positive, therefore we were able to go live with the project at the beginning of October.

Like all Change Projects, the new features will take time to settle with users. The improvements won’t stop here. As a result, together with BFS, we are currently planning further enhancements to the system.

ServiceNow Go-Live Celebration

It’s only fair that the team were rewarded for the hard work, dedication and creativity. As is the tradition with ServiceNow projects, the team took the opportunity yesterday to indulge in some cake! A very pretty, tasty cake!

Bibby ServiceNow Go-Live Cake

Well done to all parties who participated in the project because everyone played their role and influenced the smooth cooperation.

Here’s to the next phase…

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