ServiceNow Meetup & Hackathon Event Summary

Company NewsServiceNow Meetup & Hackathon Event Summary

Bravo! Congratulations! Well Done!… to all of the individuals and teams who took part in the first ServiceNow Meetup & Hackathon in Poland, on Wednesday 27th February 2019.

SPOC's ServiceNow & Meetup February 2019 Overview

Hopefully, this day will be a landmark event in a long series of subsequent meetings. Our expectations are high as the first was a big success. Learning from the lessons offered, the hopes would be to create something better and more enjoyable for all.

The day included a mix of technical labs delivered by ServiceNow Architect, ‘Arnoud Kooi. Arnoud visited Poznan to share his platform expertise with a mix of professionals from a variety of businesses and industries.

Arnoud was pleasantly surprised by the size of the meeting, not anticipating so many keen parties to be involved.

Following the initial lab, delivered on the use of Chat Bots in ServiceNow across multiple channels, the Hackathon started. It was incredible to see so many keen enthusiasts striving to help each other to create their solutions.

A topic was selected at random and all teams had to – ‘Create an alternative version to the standard ‘out of the box’ OOTB Service Portal’. From speaking with many of the teams, the complexity and demands of this task, which required significant ‘Front End’ experience, was not the first choice. That said, they willingly accepted their challenge and got straight to work creating their masterpieces. (Well, their best efforts considering they only had 6 hours! 😮)

While the Hackathon teams were preparing themselves, Arnoud continued with two more Technical Labs –

  • An Intro to ServiceNow and what’s new in the Madrid Release
  • Building your first Integration

As this part of the day came to an end, people enjoyed the time to relax and each other’s company with food, and a well-deserved beer!

Some snaps from the day, show people working hard, relaxing, learning & observing! The event offered a real mix.

Getting back to the Hackathon, the teams were well into their strides, discussing, coding, bug fixing (lots of!) AND repeating….

From the perspective of a spectator, it was inspiring to see the teams working hard and creatively, to what was literally the last minutes of their 6-hour deadline. This was even more impressive, as it was approaching late evening. Once the last bell rang, it was Arnoud Kooi’s job to select his favourite 3 teams that would be later judged by the audience who would determine the outright winner.

The teams that caught the attention of Arnoud were –

  1. SKS
  2. U_Team_Wrocław
  3. 5137153cc611227c000bbd1bd8cd2005

Each team presented their solution to the audience on the main stage, giving an opportunity to make a final impression on the voters. The team that relished this chance and took the 1st place prize was 5137153cc611227c000bbd1bd8cd2005 (the System ID of Fred Luddy – ServiceNow’s founder).

The First Winners of SPOCs ServiceNow Hackathon Feb 2019

The prizes were awarded and the final drinks were finished before everything was packed away for next time.

There should be a special mention to another team that took part in the event.  Forgotten Semicolon a team of students attended and competed without any prior knowledge of ServiceNow. A senior technical consultant from SPOC successfully supported them with the work. The consultant gave enough information and guidance allowing them to complete their own task of creating a mini event application on the Now Platform. Their openness, eagerness and effort helped them finish all tasks, something that was nothing short of miraculous, considering the complexities of the Now Platform. Once again, well done to you all!

As stated at the start, we hope to have another edition of the ServiceNow Meetup and Hackathon organised in the not so distant future. Until then, keep hacking.

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