ServiceNow’s Knowledge 18 Overview

Company NewsServiceNow’s Knowledge 18 Overview

With ServiceNow’s headline ‘Knowledge’ event finished for another year, it’s time to recap and summarise this year’s trip to Las Vegas.

Now becoming an Enterprise Management event rather than just about IT. The first thing about the event which jumps to mind is the enthusiasm of the event staff guiding and assisting people throughout the week. You can’t help being motivated and energised with their smile’s, dancing and charm!

The second is the sheer enormity of the conference. 18,000 + people, 500+ sessions, dozens of exhibitors and partners sharing their input’s into the ServiceNow experience. The scale of everything at Knowledge and Vegas, does make you think how they cater for so many people… especially as they’re in the desert.

It’s very difficult to break the whole event down as there is so much going on. Instead, we’ll look at the main points.

ServiceNow’s aim is to try and automate the manual tasks within the enterprise and making work the best it can be for users of the platform. ServiceNow has tried to reinforce this message further with a rebranding initiative, which puts the emphasis on “you”, the customer. The brand new website offers a look at the branding and change of approach.

‘ServiceNow – Works for you’

A new logo incorporates the outline of a human embedded into the O of Now, rather than the power button, representing technology which previously took its place. This move is another step which indicates ServiceNow’s aim of being user-centric.

Another thing which was very clear is the progress the company is making to expand beyond IT and into other departments in the Enterprise.

ServiceNow Platform

Figures show that over 1/3 of the company’s revenue is now generated outside of IT and you get the distinct impression this number will only increase.

Existing customers are expanding in the product range and the platform is bringing value to all parts of their working environment.

The changes and the improvements within the ServiceNow offering were not as prolific as in previous years. What attendees got was a much deeper look at the previously mentioned functions such as Flow Designer and the integration hub.

AI is, of course, a hot topic everywhere and Jon Donahoe, ServiceNow’s CEO and President talked about the value AI can bring, especially to user experiences.

At the K18 event and within the main Exhibition hall, there was a live broadcasting from the ‘Cube’. The team at the Cube spoke with many people but this interview with Jon Donahoe was really very interesting!  His opinion on AI being offered as a commodity by the likes of AWS, Google and Azure especially.

If you have any questions about the event, or you were there and would like to share your own experiences, it would be great to hear from you.

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