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SPOC’s vision is to be a leading Services Partner in Europe. The team is already supporting major ServiceNow users and the focus is always on providing a first class service, which helps them achieve their Business Objectives.

ServicesBody Leasing

Body Leasing

Some clients have a need for a ServiceNow specialist to form part of their internal team for a prolonged period. When this is the case, SPOC can assist using a ServiceNow Body Leasing approach.

Effectively, one of the SPOC specialists will join the Customer’s team for a period of time from 1 month to 3 months+.

The customer will manage their workload and will work directly with the specialist to organise and define the deliverables. This is an ideal solution for companies who already have ServiceNow competencies or a project team who will define and manage the requirements of the ServiceNow specialist.

The individual is still supported by the SPOC team for any technical assistance they may need.

If you think this could be something suitable for your company and would like to discuss it further, please get in touch.

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