Why ServiceNow?

The ServiceNow platform isn’t limited to the solutions available Out Of The Box (OOTB). Any department within a Business can take advantage of the ServiceNow single system of record, automating and driving processes, using reusable components for speed and efficiency.

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Business Apps

The solutions you’re able to develop will allow your organisation to make and fulfill requests quickly.

Doing this will deliver improved employee satisfaction and increase productivity while lowering costs. As the solutions share the ServiceNow platform, the data and information can be shared and totally integrated.

A great example is what happens when you bring HR and IT Service Management together so that you can automatically assign and fulfil tasks for employees in the – ‘Starter’ ‘Mover’ & ‘Leaver’ processes. The time, effort and frustration that can be saved for all parties is incredible.

Applications built on the ServiceNow platform can be a great replacement for work carried out in Spreadsheets or manual repetitive processes with many touch points.

Using the power of the platform, including; Workflows, Automation, Integration & Reporting allows you to build applications that can manage the full interaction process, with all the steps being trackable and auditable.

By following a simple process, your Business can change the experience it offers to users:

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