Why ServiceNow?

For organisations, IT Operations Management (ITOM) extends ITSM investments. Allowing them to provide “service-aware” operations management, which improves the overall visibility, availability, and agility of enterprise services.

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IT Operations Management

Gain visibility into your end‑to‑end business services by understanding the relationship with the underlying IT resources.

Requirements in this area are usually split into three separate categories

1. Lack of visibility – Which Systems and services are connected?
2. Unreliable availability – Not knowing there’s a fault until it’s too late
3. Slow response to resolution – We know something is wrong but it takes too long to react

With ITOM in ServiceNow, organisations can eliminate outages by proactively identifying service issues, pinpointing disruptions, and automating remediation. This is done by harnessing three main solutions

1. Event Management – A single pane into all the business services – Supplied by information from numerous tools, Event Management gives the Business the ability to simply see the status of all Business Services.

ITOM ServiceNow Event Management Pane

2. Service Mapping – When a problem occurs, IT needs to find the root cause, with Service Maps, they can drill down from the Service Health Dashboard (EM) into the Service Map. The Service Map is a visual representation of the infrastructure and dependencies that are used to power the service. Users can quickly pinpoint the problem and begin further investigation.

When selecting a CI on the map, users have access to the relevant information for that CI. This includes the history of alerts from across the monitoring ecosystem as well as changes that may have caused the issue.

ITOM ServiceNow Service Mapping

3. Orchestration – Automatically remediate problems and initiate the incident process, gaining approvals as needed, while continually communicating with stakeholders throughout the resolution process.

Actions trigger predefined, automated workflows that will remediate the problem. Orchestration provides a much quicker and more efficient way of getting a service back into operation, with less dependency on human intervention.

ITOM ServiceNow Orchestration

Bringing these three solutions together, allows IT to take a proactive role in operations. Thus freeing more time and resources to drive other improvements across the Business.

ServiceNow Process For ITOM Success

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