Why ServiceNow?

ServiceNow’s ITSM solution gives full insight into IT processes and infrastructure through the use of a single data system.  This allows you to consolidate and automate service management processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs and spend more time on innovations and building a user-friendly environment.

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IT Service Management

Organisations are looking to improve staff productivity and drive business efficiency across all departments. For IT this has never been more critical.


Employees and the people using IT Services have come to expect modern, simple and effective service for their requests. Just like they would expect to receive on Uber, Amazon, Netflix and other platforms used outside of work.

This change means that the tools IT use must be fit for purpose. By using ServiceNow, IT can rely on using a trusted solution.

Organisations Get –

  •  A single system of record, which provides consolidated visibility and metrics to each process they are running. All of this data and information is supported by a Configuration Management Database that provides one version of truth for all of the data.
  • A self-service portal for end users, providing one place to make requests, search for information, collaborate with colleagues.
  • Bring both of these together with the functions that underpin the ServiceNow Now Platform, such as the workflow creator, notifications, service catalogue, knowledge base you have a solution that allows IT to fulfil the expectations of users.

IT and the Organisation doesn’t have to stop there, they can carry on improving, focusing more on IT Operations Management (ITOM)

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