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What is the 150+ I hear you ask?…

This is the internal project running at SPOC – ServiceNow experts since 2010. The team has been expanding steadily over recent years. Moreover, throughout 2019 we are looking to continue the growth to reach 150 team members!

That’s 150 ServiceNow team members, working collectively to deliver excellent services for clients of the ServiceNow platform, situated in Poland and across Europe.

This is an exciting time to be working with the NowPlatform. In 2018 the world renowned Forbes Magazine marked ServiceNow as the most innovative company in the world.

But why work for SPOC?

SPOC is a Silver Services Partner with a difference. The company brings together the maturity and professionalism of an experienced software development company; with the creative, inviting atmosphere of a start-up. Pairing this to our project model, which is used to simplify the work we complete. Partners can expect a consistent approach to project delivery.

SPOC's Approach to ServiceNow Projects

(You can view an overview of the steps here)

The raw materials we are processing into products are the outdated excel files, e-mails and documents of manual, laborious processes. Those that many of us grew to know and hate over the last 10+ years.

We transform these in simple and effective solutions that deliver exceptional user experience and provide business leaders with useful and valuable metrics to drive continual improvement.

What about you?

The model used so effectively to deliver projects to clients is now being utilised to produce ServiceNow masters.

SPOC Employee Transformation at SPOC ServiceNow Experts

Those joining the team, are transformed as they undertake rigorous on the job training and are coached and guided by their colleagues and team leader.

As a new technical employee, you will receive a series of training, introducing the ServiceNow platform and its various elements. In addition, there will be an ITIL course to learn the ITSM framework.

A list of the courses looks something like this:

  • ServiceNow Fundamentals
  • Advanced System Admin
  • ITIL
  • Scripting Intro
  • Advanced Scripting
  • Jelly
  • Integrations
  • Service Portal
  • PPM & Project Management
  • Quality Assurance best practices

The Academy runs for approximately 4 weeks and will provide you with the foundations and best practices required to springboard you into a successful ServiceNow career.

Adding the training to additional job perks and a great team of colleagues, there are many attractive forces pulling people to work for SPOC.

Would you like to JoinSpoc?

If you’re interested, please check out the open positions available here.

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