The Search for Senior ServiceNow Developers

Company NewsThe Search for Senior ServiceNow Developers

Are you a Senior ServiceNow Developer considering a move to start the next chapter of your ServiceNow career?

Why not consider working for SPOC? There are a number of reasons why and it could be the right choice for you…

Firstly, if you want a little bit of background information about SPOC’s history… click here

The SPOC Difference

SPOC has partnerships with a number of large enterprises such as – The British Council, Alexander Mann Solutions, Veolia, IPF and others.

Of course, we are certainly proud of the customers we’re working with but the biggest pleasure is team retention. Keeping key members in the team and growing the number of leaders within the company, speaks for itself…

How has this been possible?

SPOC is set on empowering people. It’s a team effort and we must work together to achieve our goals. The ancient quote from Aristotle is still relevant today – The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

SPOC’s internal values support this:

SPOC ServiceNow Experts Team Values

Let’s dive deeper into a couple of these points –

Achieving Mastery :

We all have different skills and strengths. Some people are very logical and mathematical, others are excellent communicators and natural leaders. Mastery is about improving your strengths and becoming the best version of yourself. Of course, you will have the opportunity to improve in all areas but SPOC allows team members to achieve mastery by removing the barriers and access to training, with a fantastic programme. (Insert facts if possible XYS per year)

Team Work :

Feeling part of a team and working collectively to achieve a shared goal is inspiring and rewarding. You can learn from each other, help others grow and bolster your own competencies. Working as a team can often lead to significantly greater satisfaction and you will be valued for your efforts by your colleagues and your team leader.

To help keep spirits high and to make sure you have the support required to execute tasks together, SPOC provides –

Knowledge Sharing & Social Events

  • Gain insights into the work being delivered by your colleagues. Share experiences, transfer knowledge and enjoy beers and pizza in the process

Social Gatherings

  • It’s crucial to celebrate victories – large and small. The individual teams and the collective group will regularly get together to enjoy each other’s company and light alcohol intake… 😉

A Comfortable Working Environment

  • If you’re looking for ultra-professionalism and a serious atmosphere, SPOC isn’t going to be the right place for you!.. Our approach is balance. We need to stay professional but allow for creativity to flourish. An energetic, relaxed place of work, is much better suited to this than a stuffy, library-like office (In our humble opinion) 😊

If we’ve given you food for thought and you want to have an informal chat about the possibilities of working at SPOC – Please reach out for an informal chat and apply for the role here.

A Brief History of SPOC – ServiceNow Experts Since 2010

SPOC was first started in 2010 as a department of MWT Solutions, an ITSM expert based in Poznan, Poland. SPOC was responsible for delivering the ServiceNow related projects. As the popularity of ServiceNow increased and market demand grew, the decision was made in 2014 to open a dedicated company to solely focus on ServiceNow services.

SPOC Employee Growth The core team literally moved to the other side of the same building to really get to work growing the SPOC brand. A lot has changed over recent years, with SPOC’s presence consistently growing to what it is now.

The nucleus of the team has stayed fairly constant throughout the growth, allowing the team to expand steadily. The number of clients and projects being delivered has also grown at a sustainable rate. This point is important because it allowed for the process, technology and training improvements to reflect the customer expectations and challenges that naturally appear with growing businesses.

A Snapshot of SPOC at the end of 2018

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