ServiceNow Trainings by SPOC

In all industries, Continuous Improvement is vital, and it’s no different with Enterprise Management & ServiceNow.

SN is a fantastic platform, which provides huge value to your organisation, but it’s important that your users and admins know how to use the system and can get the most from its potential. That’s what you get with SPOC’s ServiceNow training.


ServiceNow Training

Even if you already have skills on the Now Platform, where can they be improved? How can you provide extra value to the organisation?

SPOC cater for all levels of experience and abilities, with dedicated trainings for administrators, developers and even system users. The ServiceNow training is also complemented with ITIL and ISO 20000 courses.

ServiceNow Fundamentals

The next training: 2020-02-25, Warsaw

ServiceNow Fundamentals was designed for users with various organizational roles who are expected to work within the ServiceNow Now Platform.

During this 3-day interactive training course attendees will learn about the ServiceNow user interface, receive a summary of the database schema, understand uses for commonly accessed applications, and be introduced to advanced features and functionality, such as scripting and application development.

ServiceNow Advanced System Administration

The next training: 2020-03-03, Warsaw

The course teaches attendees about administering a ServiceNow system, finetuning features based on organizational needs, and how to improve the user experience. This twoday course provides handson practice for implementing new workflows, creating Access Controls, and changing system settings.

Scripting in ServiceNow Fundamentals

The next training: 2020-03-18, Warsaw

During this interactive training course, attendees perform scripting functions in their own instance. This provides an opportunity to practice and become comfortable with both client‑side and server‑side scripting.

Discovery Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

ServiceNow Discovery Fundamentals course is a combination of course content and lab work. It provides the big picture of the ServiceNow Discovery solution to prepare an attendee for mature infrastructure operations management in their ServiceNow CMDB.

The course is designed for ServiceNow administrators and consultants engaged in ServiceNow Discovery implementation and administration.

Project Portfolio Management Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

Project Portfolio Management Fundamentals course introduces you to the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) application within the ServiceNow Platform. Its curriculum is designed to teach you how to efficiently manage the project lifecycle from initiation to closeout.

The addressees of the course are Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers, members of the Project Management Office, project teams and other project stakeholders.

Application Development Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

Training and lab work to support application development fundamentals in ServiceNow. Attendees will build an award‑winning loaner equipment application by working through a checklist of considerations for application creation.

It is addressed to Experienced ServiceNow system administrators with minimum 1 year of practical experience in ServiceNow instance administration and writing both client and server‑side JavaScript in ServiceNow.

Event Management Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

2‑day Event Management Fundamentals course teaches to enable service‑centric operations management by configuring Event Management and Operational Intelligence in your ServiceNow system.

The training is addressed to IT Operations Management and other stakeholders working with events and alerts as they pertain to infrastructure equipment.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Fundamentals course goes through suite of applications within the ServiceNow platform to provide timely, comprehensive information for auditing, reporting and compliance purposes.

The course addressees are Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, and other GRC professionals who want to understand how to integrate their Compliance programs into the ServiceNow platform.

Security Operations Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

Security Operations is a 2‑day interactive training course based on your own student instance, where you learn to identify, prioritize and resolve real security threats fast.

It covers applications for Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Response, Threat Intelligence, and integrates with your existing security infrastructure.

Hardware Asset Management Fundamentals

No upcoming trainings.

3-day comprehensive course to teach asset management in terms of request-procurement-retirement lifecycle, inventory & tracking and reporting, configuration and automation, data quality & contractual and financial aspects.

It is addressed to IT Asset Managers and other stakeholders who work with assets, including financial and contractual information related to these assets.

ITIL Foundation

No upcoming trainings.

During the 2-day training we discuss the basics of IT service management in line with the best practices described in ITIL. The aim of the course is to know and understand the most important concepts, principles and assumptions associated with the process model lifecycle management services.

The training prepares participants to pass the exam and get an official certificate ITIL Foundation.

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