How to Provide a Multi Language Service Efficiently?

Using a translation application that integrates seamlessly into your ServiceNow instance, means servicing users in different languages doesn’t need to be difficult.

Translation Application for ServiceNow

A Simple Translation Application

Engaging with Users around the world can be difficult for the Service Desk, however, with the Now Platform it doesn’t have to.

Translation Application for ServiceNow

Your company’s users may need, or prefer, to engage in their native language, consequently causing a headache for the organisation. In effect you must provide additional resources and focus to cover this need, adding time and expense to operations rather than innovations.

Fortunately that isn’t the only option.

SPOC’s Translation Application for ServiceNow

allows users to interact in their own languages. The app translates information and messages quickly and easily in almost real-time, all within ServiceNow.

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The solution from SPOC allows the Service Desk to:

  • translate ticket descriptions
  • translate and send messages from the ticket
  • select the text and translate it in real time

As a result, users can raise tickets in their own language via the Self Service Portal, while the Service Desk:

  • simply translates the message within the ticket
  • deals with the issue
  • writes a response in their own language
  • clicks the translate button before sending it

The Translation Application is already used by some of SPOC’s clients. It helps them increase service satisfaction, and speeds up response times while reducing costs.

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